Episode 3: The "Public Reset" Flop


January 23rd, 2022

1 hr 12 mins 25 secs

Season 1

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About this Episode

The Biden Administration made several major missteps during the disastrous "public reset" press conference on Wednesday. Besides giving his Administration a glowing self-analysis Joe Biden also inadvertently have the green light for Russia to invade Ukraine when stating the US would likely not intervene if a "minor incursion" from the Russian military occurred. He doubled down on the miserable withdrawal from Afghanistan which resulted in the deaths of 13 US Marines, dozens of civilians, and a poorly conceived retaliation that caused the senseless death of an Afghan aid worker and his family, including seven children. Rob Kendall also joins the show this week to discuss the conference and break down the issues. In the second hour host Nigel Laskowski from the Hammer and Nigel show joins the program for a special Saturday edition of "is this anything?" Don't miss this edition of Saturday Night on the Circle!