Ethan Hatcher

Host of Saturday Night on the Circle

Ethan Hatcher was born in Indianapolis and raised in the suburbs of New Palestine and Greenfield. He is a lifelong Hoosier, a lover of cats, conneseur of antique [honographs, and political-talk junkie. Raised in a religius cult, Ethan brings a unique perspective to the table and has special appreciation for the value of Individual Liberty once denied in a puritanical religious setting. Ethan is also a small business owner and housing provider uniquely tied to the community and a passionate advocate for the continued revival and revitalization of the city. A laid-back Libertarian, Ethan Hatcher hopes to apply these perspectives each week to create a dynamic and engaging show riding the highs and lows of life's rollercoaster with singular aplomb.

Ethan Hatcher has hosted 75 Episodes.